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General Information

NameCrossFit Brand X Poway
OwnerJeff Martin
Address432 Maple Street, Suites 1 & 2
Ramona, CA 92065

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truebarbellion published the post Freytag Fran on Tabata Times
Yesterday was Fran Day at CFWN. To the true (nutso) CrossFitter, that means all day was Fran Day -...
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Ammi is doing a talk on supplements tonight after the 5:30 class at the gym. Be there!

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Snatches, Rowing, and Rich Froning. Today's workout includes a Snatch complex along with some rowing intervals. As a coach and athlete I have developed an appreciation for the efficient execution of the movements included in our CrossFit programming. Efficiency is the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. These particular movements, snatches and rowing, are great examples of how prioritizing efficiency is rewarded over time. They are unique in that they are complicated movements. Each movement requires just the right sequencing of flexion and extension across multiple joints. With improved efficiency in the Snatch you're rewarded with being able to put more weight on the barbell. With improved efficiency in rowing you're rewarded with a faster pace displayed right in front of you on the monitor. The most accomplished practitioners of the Snatch work on it, or variant of it, nearly every training session. This means 5-6x per week for hours each day. The same can be said for rowers. Rowers are notorious for the amount of volume (90 miles per week is not unusual) included in their training. The reason I personally love these movements is that over the 7+ years of my participation in CrossFit I continue to progress in these movements. There will come a time as we age when strength, endurance, power, and speed decline along with other components of fitness, but efficiency can continue to be improved. When we're efficient and need to go fast and lift heavy we're able to do so by expending less effort. This may be the secret to "Old Man Strength". So where does Rich Froning come into the equation? He is the poster boy for efficient movement. His efficiency is noticeable to anyone who watches, and he is rewarded by what we can all easily understand; winning. It is satisfying as a coach, who spends so much time teaching, encouraging, and enforcing proper movement, to be able to point to Fittest on Earth as the best example. Efficiency is gained through many, "AH HA" moments which are great, but the majority of progress is made through deep practice and repetition. So, come get your reps.

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Tuesday's WOD: TIER 1 A. Push Press 3RM B. 18 Minute EMOM: ODD: 8 Burpees EVEN: 10 KB Swings TIER 2 A. Jerk 2RM B. 18 Minute EMOM: ODD: 10 Overhead Walking Lunges w/ Plate @ 45#/35# EVEN: 25 Double-Unders TIER 3 A. Jerk 2RM B. 18 Minute EMOM: ODD: 7 DB Thrusters @ 50#/35# EVEN: 15 Russian KB Swings @ 53#/35#

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Amber and her love for dumbbells. This must have been at the beginning of the WOD! #shewontbesmilingforlong #fitness #thrusters #crossfit @crossfit

Brian Watts published the post Think of Fitness as Food on
Think of fitness as food. The globogym is your major fast food chain. You walk in a McDonald's...
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Kay started the fundamentals program in October 2013. Like any good boyfriend, Andrew was the one who dragged Kay out on the first day for the intro and assessment session. You all know how it works. A couple that works out together, stays together! They both were dying, but came back for more. After completing the fundamentals program, they both then did additional personal training with me to get themselves ready for the group classes. Kay and Andrew joined the group classes mid January 2014 and are doing well. Andrew, you are rocking it in the mornings and having fun in Weightlifting 101, but I am going to shine the light on Kay today. Check out her before and after pictures. Kay dropped several clothes size going from size 16 to size 10/12. Her weight went from 182lbs to 159lbs. Besides the numbers, her story is pretty kick ass. When she first started CrossFit, she didn't care for PRs and nutrition, until April 2014, when she had blood work done. It was a wake up call for her. Her triglyceride was high at 458 and cholesterol at 254, and Kay was also diagnosed as being pre-diabetic. Kay got scared because her family has a history of heart diseases and diabetes. Her father and brother both started taking heart medication at the age of 34. In addition, her father's family also has a history of early deaths; from the ages of 37 to the 60's. She did not want to end up down the same route and made changes with the help of her nutritionist and personal trainer. Kay started to monitor her food and used a food diary app which was checked weekly by her nutritionist. She learned to cut out grains and processed foods, and followed a semi paleo diet, with the exception of cutting out legumes and a little bit of dairy. Kay started losing weight in April of this year and learned that nutrition, exercising, and weight training go hand in hand. She thanks Andrew for convincing her to do CrossFit as she feels like she's gained her life back. Kay's goal is to lose more weight, lift heavier weights, and just to be stronger overall. She believes this is her year... as they say life begins at 40, she turns 40 this September. Keep up your hard work and dedication, Kay! She is a great example of changing her lifestyle and becoming healthier. We are all proud of you and support you!

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Kristy Parrish published the post Programming Analysis: Part 1 on
Editor's Note: " Programming Analysis: Part 1" was originally published to the Beyond...
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CrossFit Dark Element shared a link on Facebook Great start to all the Whole 30 Weigh ins for week 2! Be on the look out tomorrow as the leaderboard takes on a change and more results are given!

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Tuesday 7/29/2014 RECOVERY WEEK WOD

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WOD- Tuesday, July 29 SKILL OF THE MONTH: Come early, stay late, or practice during open gym. Here is homework to get you closer or better at muscle ups. 1. Ring dips or Ring Supports 3 x 5-10reps 2. Jumping MU Transition 2×5 3. Swing Hip to Rings …

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Sometimes getting new gear, accessories or equipment can inspire new motivation in your training. We know you are wanting to improve on at least one of your skills in Crossfit. What is it? Gosh, we have so many movements that we never know what is coming out at us the next day...but what is something you really want to improve on to improve your work capacity/time, or form/technique or enjoyment in Crossfit (which transfers to your activities of daily living)? Hmmm... get some wrist straps for front squats, neoprene knee supports for squats, a custom made jump rope for double unders, some new Crossfit specific shoes to flash around, 1-3 sets of new training clothes that breathe well in our hot summer, invest in some good quality supplements to get you stronger, faster or recover better, a new water bottle like a Hydroflask in our hot summer (to keep it cool in the summer but also hot in the winter - duel purposes), enlist in a trainer/coach to help get you to the next level of fitness (technique, nutrition, philosophy etc) AND... if you are doing well in Crossfit and reading this please tell others of your accomplishments or help others out in the goals to greater fitness and health. Crossfit A.P.E. is here to serve.

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Here are the heat times for all our athletes. Remember to buy your ticket online or its $10 at the door!

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WOD FOR TUESDAY 7/29/14 5 thrusters 75/115 20 KB Swings 55/70 10 thrusters 75/115 15 KB Swings 55/70 15 thrusters 75/115 10 KB Swings 55/70 20 thrusters 75/115 5 KB Swings 55/70

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Family hug! #dashman #snuggles #hes2 #crossfittrain @coachbergeson

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A Wild Hero Appeared

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2014 crew...great guys!!

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WOD-7/29/14 5 RFT 3 muscle ups 5 Bear complex (135/95) 7 Bar incline push-up

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Updated TJ’s Gym WOD’s for the week of July 28th

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Our very own Meghan H. has graciously offered to host gym night out this Friday, Aug. 1st. Her house - 6:30 pm. She will be providing hamburgers and sausages and asks that everyone bring a side dish or appetizer to share, as well as your drink of choice. Kiddos are welcome. Bring swimsuits and towels - it's going to be hot! There is a sign-up sheet in the gym and be sure to thank Meghan when you see her! More details to follow...

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Day one of massage school for Saul completed!

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Some creative Mobility Wod with Yasmen.

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BATHROOM UPDATE: We now have access to two more restrooms. The keys are on the wall next to the front door. If you grab a key and walk out the front, turn right and walk two doors down (right next to the youth symphony), there's a door to a hallway with the spare bathrooms. Use these if a line is forming for our bathroom. Thanks!

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It's a kipping pullup clinic at the 5:30 class today! Looking good, everyone! #crossfit #crossfitsausalito #sausalito

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The energy is high in here with a large group gettin' work done in the new space and on the big @beastmetals pullup rig! #tribestrong #alivetribe #workout #roseville

kjherdzik published the post My New Friend Fran on
I feel like I’m coughing up a lung as I type this. Every CrossFitter knows the feeling – that...
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Some days you smash the WOD and some days the WOD smashes you.

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9:30am enjoying the one person working one person resting. #partnerworkout #crossfit #wod #workout #clusters #rest #fit #fitness @kimby5154

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Rich and Camille Take Gold