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#TheBrandXMethod prep 3x or 5:00 10 arm circles forward 10 arm circles backwards 5 explosive push ups 5 power ball press advanced – 2 x 10, 1 x AMAP intermediate – 2 x 10, 1 x AMAP beginner – 3 x 6-8 advanced 21-15-9 push press, 115/85 box jumps, 24” intermediate 21-15-9 push press, 95-85/65-55 box jumps, 20” beginner 21-15-9 push press, 15-35 box jumps, 12-20” advanced 2 x 20 tempo push ups 50 flutter kicks 25 sit ups 1x 20 tempo close push ups beginner intermediate 2 x 10 tempo push ups 35 flutter kicks 15 sit ups

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SIGN UP FOR A PULL-UP CLINIC WITH KEEGAN MARTIN Limit 5 per class, $30 per person Monday, December 29 Wednesday, December 31 Friday, January 2 6:30-7:30pm

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The Teen Gauntlet comes to Brand X on February 8th. One of the workouts has been leaked on The Brand X Method page. Can you find which one?

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The Brand X Method 10:00 to complete 10 rope climbs 35 db press 70 reverse walking lunges Prep 2x 20 kb swings 10 goblet squats EMOM 8 1 power clean 2 front squats 8 burpees 1 power clean 2 front squats 16 mt. climbers 3x 1:00 plank 15 toes to bar

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Brand X CrossFit Ramona WOD 10:00 EMOM Strict Pull-ups Box Jumps Followed by: 10x 1:00 Row 2:00 rest Mobility: Hips Shoulders Back

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Brand X CrossFit Ramona WOD General warm up Followed by: 4 rounds rest 3:00 in between: 45-second row for max calories immediately into 15 burpees. Then: 3x 3-5 Turkish get-ups 10 bandy pull-aparts

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NameCrossFit Brand X Poway
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Address432 Maple Street, Suites 1 & 2
Ramona, CA 92065

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Tomorrow is the VERY LAST DAY for this promotion! Classes are all inclusive! #crossfit #olympiclifting #dynamics #yoga #gymnastics #spin #cycling #justdoit #takecareofyou #noho #community #commitment

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The One & Only - Ms Danielle Lee - is celebrating her 23rd Birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 We Love You!!!

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Squats, walk outs, and Mt Climbers @ CrossFit Kids today

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WOD For Thursday 1/22/15: 1. Warm Up 2. WOD 1- 3 rds: 30 sec on/30 sec Off: -Banded Pull Aparts -Plate Raises (25,45) -Banded Good Mornings -Barbell Skull Crushers *Rest 3 min 3. 3 min to work up to weight then: WOD 2- 5 rds: -5 Deadlifts (275,185) -20 Abmats

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Thursday, January 22 SKILL 14:00 Alternating EMOM 3 Hang Clean (225/135, 155/105, 135/95) 30 Double Unders WOD Open WOD 12.3 18:00 AMRAP 15 Box Jump (24/20) 12 Push Press (115/75) 9 Toes to Bar -

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Burn WOD for 1/22 1) Mobility/Warm Up 2) WOD 1- 12 min AMRAP 2 Deadlifts 2-1 Arm Russian Swings (each Arm) 2 Heels to Heaven (Increase by 2 each round) *2 mins Rest 3) WOD 2- 10 min EMOTM E- Tabletops/Mtn Climbers O- K2E Plank/Toe Taps *1 min Rest 4) WOD 3- 8 min AMRAP 10 Wall Balls 200m Med Ball Run 10 Lunges

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4pm class getting their swing on for Helen

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Thursday Elements (all gyms) 3 rounds for total reps; 45 sec row for calories 15 sec rest 45 sec R arm KB turkish get up - 35/26# 15 sec rest 45 sec double unders 15 sec rest 45 sec L arm KB turkish get up - 35/26# 15 sec rest Performance (Fondren) open gym Performance (Henderson) "Quarter Gone Bad" 15" AMRAP thrusters (60/45K) 45" rest 15" AMRAP weighted pull ups (53/35#) 45" rest 15" AMRAP burpees 45" rest x 5 rounds Performance (Vickery) open gym

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Let's ride let's ride let's ride c'mon! Today 630 pm! #spin #cycle #endurance #burnthatshit #metaltothepedal #hiit #race #hills

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Looking to get better at kipping pull ups? Improve your mobility? Or do some active recovery??? Don't forget about the Open Gym ours at the different gyms. The hours are open to all CFDC Athletes as part of your membership and non-members can drop in during these times for $20. Also on Thursday from 6-7pm at Fondren, we have our weekly skills class! Come join in the fun!

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You guys, our CFLA CrossFit Open Game Days are coming. SO FUN! Registration is open. Do so through this post.

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CrossFit Cedar Park's most amazing challenge. Start getting your summer body ready! Kicks off February 14th

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Endurance Wednesday! WOD: For time Run 5k THEN (Not for time) 3x10 GHD sit ups 3x10 back extensions #run #5k #abs #endurance #wod #fitness #thighburn #crossfit #muscles #killcliff #progenex #crossfit #fortime #makepeacewiththepain

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What a great new member class this week! Lots of familiar faces from Carpinteria. If you have ever wanted to know what CrossFit is all about, this is a great time to get signed up for our next new member class. As we tell all those that inquire, "Everyone Can CrossFit" Kevin

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Your summer body is made in the winter. 100% of people who have followed through with this challenge have gotten leaner. Early registration is now and ends Saturday.

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When Matt first started at Trident he struggled just to get a bar locked out overhead, without squatting. He has worked hard with Coach Zach on an individual mobility program over the last couple of months, and is now able to perform movements he never realized were possible for him!!! Keep it up, Matt! Increasing your mobility means improved form, performance, and less risk of injury... Move better, improve your life!!!

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Beginners and intermediate lets get signed up!!!

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Adv WOD for Wednesday 1. Strength EMOMx10: Odd: 5 Power Cleans - you choose the weight Even: 5 Front Squats From a Rack - you choose the weight 2. Team Conditioning Teams of 2: Partner A completes 20 Strict HSPU while Partner B completes 2 Legless Rope Climbs Partners switch stations, and repeat. 20 Partner Burpee WallBalls (20/14) - 1 ball, 1 target. Partner A does a burpee then a wall ball. Partner B does a burpee and catches the ball and repeats - once the ball hits the target, that is 2 reps. 40 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95) - 1 barbell, break up reps as desired. 40' Fireman Carry Walking Lunge your buddy. Partners switch roles, and repeat. 3. Conditioning 3 RFT: 20 Calories on Rower 20 Calories on Assault Bike *Competitors Training

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OGERs!! Results from Tuesday 1.20.15

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Happy Birthday Coach Carson!!!

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Sean took the Judges Course! His name has been entered into the drawing for a 1 MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP! Who else wants a chance to win? Go to to take the Judge's course. All who register for the open will need to perform the workouts with a certified judge. So please, take the course and help us judge the open!

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Tonight we have yoga! 730 is the time to join Coach Tierney for some mobility, stretching and easing of those sore muscles.

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Marissa H finishing up Murph at 6:30am

Kelly Everson published the post Do Know The Truth About Your Metabolism? on Tabata Times
Do you know what metabolism is? Every time a weight loss product is introduced, the word metabolism...
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In January of 2015 over 100 athletes made the choice to take on the 7 week annual I Am CrossFit Challenge. They set goals - physical, metal and emotional - and they will get RESULTS! There will be a wealth of PRs, success stories and transformations from this challenge. We are so proud of these athletes! photos by Joshua David Photography

gracewriter published the post 5 Things I Learned from Strength Training on
Just over two years ago, I started training at a gym that provides Strength & Conditioning...
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1.21.15 BUY-IN 20 minutes to get this work done, any order: Row 10 pulls sub-(1:50/2:00), do 10 easy pulls: Repeat 4 more times 2x 50m Keg OH carry - The heaviest you can use! 30 GHD sit-ups Weighted Chin-ups (16/12 w/ (20/15)) - If you do not have your Chin-ups, scale so you get these with minimal scaling over 3-4 sets" CAPACITY DBL Unders: 8 Tabatta Rds for Max Reps Rest 5 minutes Box Jumps: 8 Tabata Rds for Max Reps (24/20) WoD 15 Minute Cut-off!!! 10-8-6-4-2 Push-up Dead-lift (95/65) Power Clean Hang Clean Push-press OH Squat

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The lights were off when I took this so don't complain lol

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Tabata This! Wednesday's WOD! Here is an interesting article to read on the effectiveness of Tabata interval training for metabolic conditioning:

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6pm post bday WOD. Happy Birthday Autumn!!!

CrossFit Belltown posted an article
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Guess what Leigh Ann Wolfe is up to?? She is climbing Denali this spring (May-June) with 3 other women unguided! "The Denali Girls" will be sharing their experiences as they prepare for the climb on the following site: Here are some of Leigh Ann's thoughts as she and her friends get ready for this trip: When we started planning our expedition we realized that there is a huge gap in women-specific resources on expedition climbing. We tend to be the minority in the climbing community anyway, but especially in big mountain climbing. Everything from woman-time issues to women's clothes and boots, there simply isn't a whole lot out there. In an effort to do our part to fill this gap, we decided to write a blog about our planning process and experience. We hope our blog will become a resource for other woman climbers, as well as a way for family and friends to be a part of the process.

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Wednesday I. Strength Planks :15, :30, :45, 1:00, 1:00, :45, :30, :15 Max Effort II. WOD EMOM Dumpster Run during 50 Burpees 100 Squats

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Olympic Lifting tonight at 6:00

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Scheduling a Rx Jump Rope Clinic in April...25 or 26th..... What day do YOU want??? Saturday 2-5 pm or Sunday 9-12 pm Please comment!!!

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"I know a lot of us are still reeling from the #Seahawks win [...] a win that was 4 plays away from the opposite outcome. So many amazing lessons came out of that game. That was probably the worst I've ever seen Wilson and Kearse play both individually and collectively. Even the best athletes have a bad day. But both of these men (and the entire team) dug deep, believed in their hearts they were winners, and pulled of an incredible feat. Their leader, their coach, never stopped believing in them or his team. He didn't get angry, start screaming or throw his head piece. He encouraged and coached and loved them. We're all going to have bad games, bad presentations, bad meetings, bad days, but what we do to overcome those bad situations speaks to our true character and the winner in each of us." - Coach Gretchen

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Fitness (aka awesomeness) can not be found in the Comfort Zone. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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I always did something I was a little not ready to do. I think that’s how you grow. When there’s that moment of ‘Wow, I’m not really sure I can do this,’ and you push through those moments, that’s when you have a breakthrough. - Marissa Mayer - President and CEO of Yahoo!

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Unless a child has a serious allergy or medical issue, there is no reason why kids can’t learn to eat the same foods as their parents from infancy. A child who eats everything is a child with a valuable skill – one who can eat out, travel, and be healthy with ease.

charlie published the post How to Stay Fit at 40 Using Vitamins & Supplements on
No one can stop time and we all have to grow old eventually. However, there is a difference in...
coachkevink published the post Precious Sleep: How to Maximize Your Sleep and Feel Better on
Have you ever been called or heard someone call themselves a “light sleeper”? Or have you ever...
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Tuesday's WOD is posted! See you then!

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FRIDAY, Saturday, and MLK day! Plus a FULL RAINBOW!